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Beijing-based China Guardian holds spring and autumn sales and quarterly auctions on a regular basis. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, and offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Its business scope includes Chinese paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, furniture and works of art; modern and contemporary handicrafts, Chinese oil paintings and sculptures; rare books, rubbings and manuscripts; stamps, coins, bronze mirrors, jewelry and watches.


China Guardian is one of the AAA-graded auction houses in China, and a “Trustworthy Enterprise” as voted by government authorities.


In addition, China Guardian has played an active role in charity events and invested heavily in the promotion of art and culture. In 2010, China Guardian set up the first Chinese scholarship, the Xu Bangda Art and Education Scholarship, to promote art and culture across the board. It also sponsored international events featuring Chinese art to spread Chinese culture further and wider.


China Guardian sincerely welcomes talented people in the fields of art marketing and museum curating, who have working experience in enterprise management, marketing and customer service, to join us.


If you are willing to join us, please send your resume to, with the email title "your name + position." We will give you feedback as soon as possible.