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The Plan for Guardians Registed Clients

1. Anyone who has registered for bidding at China Guardian auctions and has completed the payment on schedule will become a registered customer and will obtain a “China Guardian registration card”.


2. A customer who possesses a “China Guardian registration card” and keeps a good payment record will maintain the qualification as a long-term effective registered customer. The registered customer can use the “China Guardian registration card” and a valid ID card to handle the bidding registration, pay for the cash deposit and claim a bidding paddle.


3. A customer who has attempted to register for China Guardian’s auctions but without success should carry on the procedure with a valid ID card. After paying for a double cash deposit, he/she may claim a bidding paddle.


4. A customer who has not registered for China Guardian’s auctions should contact us 24 hours ahead of the auction day. The customer should declare his/her credit status and fill out relevant materials. With his/her evaluation approved, a customer can use a valid ID card to register for bidding. After paying for a double cash deposit, he/she may claim a bidding paddle.


5. The “China Guardian customer registration plan” has been effective since May 1, 2012, and the company should be responsible for its explanation. Revision will be made according to practical situations and any revision made to the regulation will be made by a public notification. If you want more detailed information, please call our customer hot line at 86-13911119933, or log into our China Guardian official website: www.cguardian.com.


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April 20, 2015