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Guardian Fine Art Asia exhibition launches at Beijing Fair


Guests toasted at the opening ceremony of GFAA cultural and art design exhibition.

The first Guardian Fine Art Asia (GFAA) cultural and art design exhibition was officially launched at the third China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (Beijing Fair) on May 28, 2014.

This year’s GFAA was a high-end art collection exhibition jointly launched by the Beijing Guardian Art Center and Hong Kong Fine Art Asia. It aims to provide art lovers and collectors with great opportunities to closely appreciate world art gems and understand the dynamic art field.

A number of senior figures attended the opening ceremony, including Li Zhaoling, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress; Kou Qin, general manager of the Beijing Guardian Art Center; and Hei Guoqiang, co-chairman and director of Fine Art Asia.


Kou Qin, general manager of the Beijing Guardian Art Center and president and CEO of Guardian Company, spoke at the opening ceremony.

On that afternoon, a small press conference was held at the exhibition site, during which Li Zhaoling said, “The Beijing Fair has become a new platform for China’s opening-up in the new period, attracting so much attention from economic and trade circles at home and abroad. Cooperating with GFAA this time offered a precious opportunity to closely contact with the modern art world, and GFAA will certainly become a new bright point at this year’s Beijing Fair in the cultural and art fields.

"Favored by the Beijing Municipal government and Beijing Fair, GFAA can present fine art to audiences. Sino-foreign cultural and artistic exchanges have become inevitable now, and we hope that GFAA can present precious overseas art works to Chinese through the Beijing Fair,” said Kou Qin, general manager of the Beijing Guardian Art Center and president and CEO of Guardian Company.


Guests watched the exhibition.

The co-chairman and director of Fine Art Asia, Hei Guoqiang, said that it’s a good chance to introduce Western classics and modern art into China, as well as show traditional Chinese culture and innovation to the world.

A total of over 1,000 works of art from 20 top international galleries were brought together at this year’s GFAA. Six well-known experts and scholars in the art field will carry out a three-day art lecture from May 29-31, showing various knowledge and stories about cultural and art collections.