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China Guardian’s ‘Grand View Night’ fetches RMB 1.66 billion

Collectors, art agents and amateurs from all walks of life attend China Guardian’s
"Grand View Night" at the Beijing International Hotel on June 19.


China Guardian's "Grand View Night" hit a new record of a total transaction volume of 1.66 billion yuan at the China Guardian 2017 Spring Auctions, which kicked off in Beijing on June 19.


The session,Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight, contains 104 masterpieces of modern painting and calligraphy pieces, as well as 36 classical works. About 81 percent of the items were sold at the auction, and 27 of them sold for more than 10 million yuan.


Among them,Yellow Mountain createdby Huang Binhong grossed 345 million yuan, an auction record for the artist.


After the auctions, founder of China Guardian Chen Dongsheng said that for the past 25 years, China Guardian has always been a professional and honest enterprise in the art market and they will continue to improve services and benefits to customers.


CEO of China Guardian Auctions Co. Ltd Hu Yanyan said that for China Guardian 2017 Spring Auctions, they can see the art market for Chinese modern painting and calligraphy is thriving. Huang Binhong’sYellow Mountainis proof. The unexpected good performance delighted collectors and amateurs, as well as the whole art market.


"Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight – Modern"


This session included 104 masterpieces of modern painting and calligraphy works.Yellow Mountain is a masterpiece created by artist Huang Binhong in the last year of his life. The painting was based on the memories of his nine trips to the scenic mountain inAnhui province. The artwork highlights his signature thick laying and shading of ink and colors to create a view of natural splendor.


The item started at a price of 72 million yuan, but after rounds of fierce competition, it hammered at 345 million yuan. Previously, many collectors said that the value of Huang’s work had been underestimated. After this auction, the value of his works is now recognized in the art market.


Huang Binhong (1865-1955)

Yellow Mountain, Hanging scroll

171×96 cm

Transaction price: RMB 345 million


Master painter Pan Tianshou’s flower-and-bird painting, After Plowing, fetched 158.93 million yuan, the second highest price for his work at auction. The painting depicts a leisurely scene where a buffalo rests in water and under a bunch of flowers.


Pan Tianshou (1897-1971)

After Plough, Hanging Scroll

228×122 cm

Transaction price: RMB 158,930,000


Modern artist Li Keran'sRed Classic landscape, inspired by Mao Zedong's poem, fetched 87.97 million yuan.


Li Keran (1907-1989)

Red Classic landscape Inspired by Mao Tse Tuns's Poem

134×82 cm

Transaction price: 87,975,000


Paintings created by other artists like Fu Baoshi, Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong and Qi Baishi were also sold at a high price.


Fu Baoshi

Landscape painting

185×60 cm

Transaction price: RMB 80.5 million


Zhang Daqian


177.5×78.5 cm

Transaction price: RMB 25.3 million


Xu Beihong

Double Horses

104×61 cm

Transaction price: RMB 23,575,000


Zhang Daqian

Landscape in Classic Style

141×64 cm

Transaction price: RMB 20.7 million


Xu Beihong


130.5×77.5 cm

Transaction price: RMB 18.4 million


Qi Baishi

After School

114.5×43 cm

Transaction price: RMB 17,825,000


Xu Beihong


63×96 cm

Transaction price: RMB 17,825,000


About 83 percent of items from the session were sold, with a total transaction volume of 1.15 billion yuan, a remarkable result.


“Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight – Classical”


The sessionGrand View: Chinese Painting Highlight – Classicalcarried on the fervent atmosphere at the auction and surprised further.


A calligraphic scroll of four Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) emperors sold for 149.5 million yuan, the third most expensive piece at the sale.


A calligraphic scroll of four Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) emperors.

(124 × 24.5 cm

(225 × 26 cm

(324.5 × 24.5 cm

(425 × 21.5 cm

Transaction price: RMB 149.5 million


Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) painter Wu Bin's ink-and-color painting on paper,Twelve Sages, sold for 66.7 million yuan. The scroll features more than 30 different monks, and shows Buddhist beliefs and daily activities.


Wu Bin

Twelve Sages

Transaction price:

RMB 66.7 million


Five other items from this session were also sold for more than 20 million yuan.


Emperor Qianlong Royal Sutra

29.5× 23 cm

Transaction price: RMB 63,250,000


Letters by Ming Dynasty masters

Transaction price: RMB 51,750,000


Tang Dai Landscape in Classic Style

Transaction price: RMB 34.5 million


Zhao Zhiqian

Bizarrerie Fishes

Transaction price: RMB 25.3 million


Zhao Mengfu Calligraphy in Running Script

Transaction price: RMB 21,850,000