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China Guardian warns of fraud

“Hello! This is China Guardian, we are promoting an activity where if you pay the membership fee, you can become a VIP member of our company and will receive high-end gifts from us...”


If you receive a call like this, you should be careful -- because the man behind the phone is a liar.


As the Chinese art market rapidly grows, some criminals are waiting for opportunities to scam the public. China Guardian is warning collectors and investors about fraud.


Recently, a number of customers told China Guardian that some people have masqueraded as company personnel to carry out fraudulent activities. These include carving the official seal of the company, forging company contracts and bills, falsely claiming joint consignment, collecting high membership fees, and selling commemorative coins, gold bullion and financial products.





Since the establishment of China Guardian in 1993, we have been committed to running our business with integrity, aiming to build a professional, open, fair and just trading platform for collectors and investors. As an intermediary, we only charge commission. We never ask clients for money to attend an auction or in exchange for membership, and we will never sell commemorative coins, gold bullion and financial products. If you encounter such a situation, it must be a scam.


To protect the interests and rights of collectors, China Guardian will launch detailed auction guidelines and regulations in the form of video, photos and texts, and update related information on our website (www.cguardian.com). And we will let the public know how to contact our departments (http://www.cguardian.com/en/gyjd/zzjg/index.shtml), offices in different regions and China Guardian (HK) (http://www.cguardian.com/en/gyjd/zgsjbsc/index.shtml). If you have any questions, please contact us.